Greenhouse Business Development Programme

Segment Introductions:

1 Dynamics Team dynamics is a key factor in the determination of how well a team performs and reacts. it is the unseen force between individuals who work together, and are underpinned by personalities, temperaments, roles, etc.
2 Performance Business performance management consists of a set of process, aided by technology, that enable
businesses to define strategic goals, and then measure and manage performance against those goals.
3 Skills Development The harnessing and improvement of skills is essential to every individual in every business environment.
Business growth and advances in technology and other areas require continuous development of skills and expertise.
4 Recruitment Any successful business is constituted of an effective team. The formation and expansion of that team is a very critical and significant process. Recruiting the best candidate for a position can catapult a company into success, and the converse of that is also true.
5 Marketing Strategy and Research It is essential for a business to be implementing it’s marketing strategy on a consistent basis. Continuous
research and improvement of this strategy is also required due to changing environments and landscapes.
6 Sales The underlying purpose of any business is to sellit’sproducts or services. The sales process has to be a refined one, and it has to be measurable. The precise measurement of the process allows for improvement and increased success rates.
7 Finance The finance of a business is it’s backbone. A strong financial house leads to smoother operations and
planned growth. Accurate financial records also allow for long term planning.
8 Technology and Innovation A stagnant business faces many obstacles. It is crucial that the latest technology and innovation are
applied wherever possible in order to provide a competitive edge to the business operations and it’s offering into the marketplace.
9 Processes Every set of actions in a business is a process. Every process must be documented. Every process must
be evaluated. Every process must be improved, if possible. A business should not be reliant on people, it should be reliant on processes. In other words, the business must be systematized.
10 Coaching and Mentoring Individuals across all levels of a business require assistance to improve and expand their capabilities.
Well-aligned coaching and mentoring helps everyone perform – and feel – at their peak. This continuous improvement on the individual level has a ripple effect throughout the business.